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E. Keith Henry

E. Keith Henry
E. Keith Henry
Founder and Representative Director, Asia Strategy

Henry founded Asia Strategy with the aim to help firms to address business issues in the crosshairs of public policy and business strategy thereby enabling these firms to better create and sustain competitive advantage. He is responsible for all aspects of Asia Strategy’s activities, including its business and policy research, strategic advisory services, and advocacy and outreach programs.

While leading the work at Asia Strategy, Henry has acted as an in-house advisor in multi-year engagements for a number of client companies, including Goldman Sachs Japan where he served as Advisor in the Investment Banking Division, United Parcel Service where he served as International Country Advisor for Japan, and Vodafone Group where he served as Public Affairs Advisor for Japan.

Henry's professional career has been in both the private and public sectors of Japan. For over 10 years, He was a consultant in the Tokyo office of
Gemini Consulting, a worldwide management consultancy where he assisted Fortune 500 firms to develop business strategies for Japan, including General Electric, Merrill Lynch, Prudential Securities, ANZ Insurance, and Phillips Electronics.

In addition, he was one of the first US citizens to be employed in the office of a member of Japan’s House of Representatives. This Member of the House selected Henry to serve in the Minister’s Office of the Defense Agency and the Environment Agency on the two occasions the Diet member entered the Cabinet.

He served as a research analyst and Tokyo Program Officer with the MIT Japan Program of the Center for International Affairs at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he assessed technology strategies of the government and corporate Japan. In addition, Henry advised the MIT Japan Program’s US corporate sponsors, including General Motors, AT&T, Motorola, IBM, among others.

Henry graduated with highest honors from Sophia University’s Graduate Program in International Business Before entering Sophia University, Henry was a research fellow at International Christian University Graduate School of Public Policy. Currently, he is a Lecturer at the Sophia University where he teaches management and corporate strategy.

Henry has written widely on the Japanese economy, business, and politics. His comments and essays have appeared in Foreign Affairs, the Economist, CNN, the Asian Wall Street Journal, Yomiuri Newspaper, among others.

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