Government Policy Consultancy

E. Keith Henry

The members of Asia Strategy’s staff have a wide breadth of experience providing business strategy and government policy-related analysis, advice, and advocacy services to clients in Japan and other parts of East Asia. From fund raising for business start-ups, to joint venture assessment and establishment, to policy analysis, to regulatory reform, to privatization of national assets, members of our executive staff have successfully addressed a wide array of challenges that the Japanese marketplace presents.

E. Keith Henry, Asia Strategy’s founder and representative director, has over 20 years experience in the Japanese Government and in management consulting in Japan.

Asia Strategy has expanded its capabilities through association with several senior professionals from other firms and advisors who served at the highest levels of government and business. These executives bring a wealth of insight and experience to assist the firm’s research and consulting activities.

Asia Strategy's advisors, professional associates and staff have expertise in China, Japan and other parts of East Asia and in a wide cross section of sectors including trade relations, energy policy and cross-cultural business communications.

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