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The comments and writings of Asia Strategy professional staff frequently appear in media reports and articles including the Financial Times, Foreign Affairs, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, among others.

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EURONEWS - (03.16.2007) Livedoor founder faces lengthy jail term

CNN - (03.15.2007) Ex-Livedoor CEO Horie found guilty

REUTERS - (03.04.2007) Japan's Horie gets jail sentence, by Jonathan Soble

JIJI PRESS - (11.1.2006) A New Alliance for the US and Japan (Japanese)

CNN - (07.11.2004) Election challenge for Koizumi, Japanese voters are at the polls Sunday in what is expected to be a tough contest for incumbent Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi who is facing a public critical of his Iraq policy and pension reforms.

CNN - (07.10.2004) Koizumi faces stiff competition, Japanese voters go to the polls Sunday in what is expected to be a tough contest for incumbent Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi who is facing a public critical of his Iraq policy and pension reforms.

FINANCIAL TIMES - (02.03.2004) Japan's Self Defence Force keeps its ambitions on ice, By David Pilling

FINANCIAL TIMES - (11.10.2003) ASIA-PACIFIC: Koizumi coalition's majority cut amid big opposition gains, By David Pilling in Tokyo

FINANCIAL TIMES - (09.22.2003) Japan's Koizumi keeps Takenaka in key posts, By David Pilling

CNN - (09.20.2003) Koizumi wins challenge vote, Japan's Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi has been re-elected president of Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party, paving the way for a general election before year's end.

Financial Times - (09.09.2003) COMMENT & ANALYSIS: While he faces a challenge from rival factions, the LDP leader remains highly popular nationally. His record of reform is flawed, By David Pilling

FINANCIAL TIMES - (09.08.2003) Japan's maverick leader is voters' best hope, By David Pilling

FINANCIAL TIMES - (09.04.2003) ASIA-PACIFIC: Two more join the challenge to Koizumi, By David Pilling

CNN - (02.17.2002) Bank crisis hangs over U.S.-Japan talk,s As U.S. President George W. Bush and Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi begin talks in Tokyo , regional analysts warn that a full-scale banking crisis could engulf Japan in the next six weeks.

CNN - (01.31.2002) Takenaka: no calls for reform to slow. Economics Minister Heizo Takenaka said Friday that the firing of Japan's foreign minister will not slow down the process of economic change in the country.

CNN - (06.07.2001) Sentiment and spending worse in Japan. Corporate spending and business confidence have both taken a bashing in Japan, the Finance Ministry showed on Thursday.

CNN - (05.14.2001) Koizumi to build U.S.-Japan links, Junichiro Koizumi's election would seem a big plus for the relationship that is often called the bedrock of East Asian security, despite his self-professed lack of experience in international affairs.

CNN - (06.27.2000) Defeated LDP candidates say Japan's Mori hurt campaign, As many Japanese returned to business after the weekend's national election, some defeated ruling Liberal Democratic Party candidates began blaming Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori for their losses.

CNN - (05.18.2000) State funeral for Japan's Obuchi set for June, Japan is planning to honor late Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi in a state memorial service on June 8.

TIME MAGAZINE - (04.17.2000) Ishihara’s acid tongue has gotten him in trouble but has made him Japans most popular politician, by Stuart Isett

TIME MAGAZINE - (04.11.2000) Japan Mori Takes the Helm Katsumi Kasahara, The new Prime Minister is welcomed by lawmakers in Japans Diet parliament.

CNN - (07.24.1998) Ordinary Obuchi to inherit Japans woes, Dubbed by party insiders as bonjin, or ordinary man, because of his bland image, Obuchi takes over one of the toughest jobs in politics dragging the worlds second largest economy out of its worst recession since World War II.

CNN - (11.07.1996) Japanese prime minister to rule with minority government. Japanese Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto easily won a second term in office Thursday, but his biggest challenge is just beginning ruling the nation with a minority government.

Foreign Affairs - (March/April 1997) The Unraveling of Japan Inc.: Multinationals as Agents of Change, by Michael Hirsh and E. Keith Henry




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