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Based on the research aims of Asia Strategy and the spirit of the Ohara Institute of Finance and the Economy, we frequently sponsor study sessions designed to bring together a select number of people from the business, government, political and academic sectors to discuss issues of importance to Japan and the rest of Asia.

Past study group meetings have dealt with a wide range of topics including the role of Think Tanks in Japan, the future of Japan's food policy, impact of China's energy policy on China-Japan-US relations, amoung other. These study sessions are led by those who are both experts and practitioners in their respective fields.

Past Meetings of the "Japan in 2050" Study Group

// Date June 11, 2007
Theme Change in the Policy Making Process and in the Political Situation (Japanese)
Speaker Yasunori Sone
- Professor, Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University (Japanese)

// Date April 23, 2007
Theme Keidanren's Mid-Term Priority Policies and its Political Actions" (Japanese)
Speaker Kiyoaki Aburaki (Japanese)
- Head, Political Affairs Group, Keidanren
- Research Fellow and Director of Research, The 21st Century Public Policy Institute (Japanese)

//Date March 7, 2007
Theme The Consumer Finance Sector in Japan: A Current Perspective on Revisions of Related Laws (Japanese)
Speaker The Honorable Chuko Hayakawa (Japanese)
- Member, House of Representatives
- Member, LDP Committee on Legal Affairs
- Member, LDP Committee on Fiscal Affairs

//Date November 22, 2006
Theme Environment Issues Facing Japan and the Rest of Asia: Challenges and Business Opportunities
Speaker Shigeru Sumitani (Japanese)
- Advisor, Ministry of the Environment
- Former Administrative Vice Minister, Ministry of the Environment

// Date August 31, 2006
Theme “The 2006 National Budget Outline: Comprehensive Reform of the Expense and Tax Income Balance Sheet"
Speaker Shinobu Shikawa 
-Counselor in Charge of Finance, Local and Regional Governments Bureau, Ministry of International Affairs and Communications (MIC)
- Former  Councillor in Charge of Economic, Fiscal and Social Structure, Minister's Secretariat, Cabinet Office

// Date July 6, 2006

Theme “The return of the political daruma?"
Political dynamics under an Ozawa government"
Speaker Llewelyn Hughes (Japanese)
- Center for International Studies
- Massachusetts Institute of Technology

// Date June 19 & 20, 2006
Theme “Challenges and Opportunities for Japanese Businesses China - Trade and Political Perspectives"
Speaker Lee M. Sands (Japanese)
- Former Chief U.S. Trade Negotiator with China, Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR)
- Managing Director, Sierra Asia Partners
- Professional Associate, Asia Strategy

// Date May 23, 2006

Theme “The role of Foreign Direct Investment in Japan's Economy
Speaker James Zumwalt (Japanese)
- Minister-Counselor, Economic Affairs
- United States Embassy, Tokyo, Japan

// Date April 5, 2006
Theme “Issues Facing Japan’s Food Policy”
Speaker Hisao Harihara
-Director, Budget Division, Minister’s Secretariat
-Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Government of Japan

// Date March 29, 2006
Theme "Untangling China's Quest for Oil through State-backed Financial Deals"
Speaker Peter C. Evans
-Professional Associate, Asia Strategy
-Senior Associate, Cambridge Energy Research Associates
-Postdoctoral Associate, MIT Laboratory for Energy and Environment

// Date February 26, 2006
Theme “The Future of Think Tanks In Japan
Speaker Kiyoaki Aburaki
-Head, Political Affairs Group
-Research Fellow, MIT Japan Program
Massachusetts Institute of Technology




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