Government Policy Consultancy
Our experience of successfully addressing complex public policy and business issues extends over a wide cross section of business sectors. We have core capabilities in such sectors as media and entertainment, telecommunications, finance, healthcare, retail, logistics, energy, and manufacturing sectors.

Within each of these sectors, we have assisted clients to improve their competitive positions through combining Asia Strategy’s unparalleled ability to link business research and policy analysis to provide unique strategic solutions. We then help our clients either to implement solutions in the marketplace of the private sector or to advocate those solutions in policy discussions within the public sector.

Legislative Advocacy
For a major media and entertainment company, Asia Strategy devised and implemented a legislative advocacy effort that succeed in the passage of a US-Japan tax treaty that was approved by the Liberal Democratic Party and both houses of the Diet six months ahead of planned passage resulting in the client saving over $20-million in tax fees for that fiscal year. This effort required coordinate lobbying with key members of the Diet, Keidanren, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Foreign of Affairs.

Acquisition Integration Strategy
For a major international telephone carrier, Asia Strategy assisted with the acquisition of significant mobile and fixed-line carrier interests in Japan. The client’s acquisition represented the largest foreign direct investment in Japan to date. Henry led the team in Japan that developed and coordinated pre-acquisition strategies focused on public policy and affairs management. Post acquisition, Mr. Henry worked on the coordination and integration of these programs among the Japan-based fixed line and mobile telephone carries and the international carrier and represented the client’s policy interests with telecommunications business leaders and regulators.

Policy Assessment and Market Scenario Development
For a major multinational mining conglomerate, Asia Strategy outlined the future of Japan’s energy policy and identified how this will alter the competitive landscape for fuels and power generation. This endeavor consisted of the identification of the intent and direction of stakeholders regarding policy instruments. Through extensive interviews with senior executives in the power generation sector, policy makers in a cross-section of ministry and agencies, and leaders within Japan’s political leadership, Mr. Henry identified opportunities for the client to engage key stakeholders in Japan’s energy sector.

Innovation and Marketing Strategy
Asia Strategy accessed innovation and marketing strategies of the electronics business of a major European electronics manufacturer with over $3 billion in sales in Japan. Mr. Henry conducted a complete market analysis including client and competitor product, management, and capability profiles. From these profiles a detailed assessment of overall competitor capabilities was developed. From these analyses a thorough understanding of competitor strategies was developed and client business opportunities were identified. This lead to the recommendation of process innovations and manufacturing strategies which would enable to step level improvements on a product by product basis. These recommendations produced a major shift in the client’s Japan and pan-Asian strategies.

Technology and Product Development Strategy
Asia Strategy assessed the technology and R&D environment in Japan for a major global imaging and photographic film company. The objective of the engagement was very broad and critical to the future of the client’s operations not only in Japan, but worldwide. Many individual technologies, technology processes, and technology companies needed to be identified and assessed for possible investment and/or partnership. Given the long-term pay-back nature of these investments/partnerships, long-term technology trajectories and learning opportunities also needed to be identified. Extensive field research was required with over 30 innovative companies (and many more executives, managers, and researchers) in Japan, where many of the cutting-edge technologies are being developed. This six-month effort resulted in a strategy that identified key partnering opportunities for the client and these recommendations were supported by detailed analyses of technologies to acquire, target manufacturing capabilities, and assessments of retail market access.

Research and Development Strategy
Asia Strategy lead a team that analyzed strategic options for establishing an R&D presence in Japan for a US-based Fortune 500 manufacturer. The six-month project was a joint Asia Strategy-client effort with members of the clients of senior management team. It identified and assessed Japan’s key technology centers’ of excellence and matched them with the clients core technology capabilities. The team created a detailed action plan for the implementation of new R&D activities. This plan included, a detailed timeline of activities, identified necessary management and financial resources, command and control structures, short-term and long-term expansion options, and core capabilities and processes. Recommendations lead to a dramatic increase in the benefits that flow to the client and its parent company from ongoing R&D efforts in Japan.

Market Intelligence Study
Asia Strategy managed a four-month project that evaluated the information gathering strategies of a major American industrial conglomerate and its five business units with over $2.5 billion in sales in Japan. Because of the diverse nature of the client’s activities and products in Japan and the matrix nature of its management reporting structure, coordination in management, research, sales and marketing activities is critical to success. Intelligence areas studied included: aerospace, engineering plastics, nuclear power and medical equipment. Recommendations detailed a plan to improve organizational information gathering, and information gathering support structures and processes. Aided the client in a fast implementation of recommended programs that lead to better internal coordination and communication among disparate industrial products groups and a measurable increase in business performance.

Mergers and Acquisition
Assisted senior executives of a North American insurance firm with regulatory-related aspects of firm’s acquisition of Japan’s 11th largest life insurance company. Represented the client in negotiations with regulators and coordinated discussion among client executives, investment bankers, and Japanese partners. Saw effort through to successful completion of acquisition.

Vertical B2B Japan Feasibility Study
For a major vertical B2B auction company, Asia Strategy led a team in analyzing emerging trends of B2B auction in Japan. Mr. Henry conducted extensive expert interviews and research to develop a growth forecast for B2B auction growth. Outcome of effort was a short list of joint venture partnering strategies and potential partnership candidates. Mr. Henry worked with client to select several partner candidates and assisted client with negotiations that led to establishment of joint venture in Japan.

Insurance Online Japan Market Entry Strategy
Asia Strategy developed a Japan on-line market entry strategy for a leading US insurance provider. This work included analyzing trends, competition, and characteristics of Japanese on-line financial segments. The potential of each market was determined based on macroeconomic indicators, regulatory environment, format preferences, stage of media/telecommunications infrastructure development and competitive intensity. The client’s positioning in each market and strategies to achieve position in those markets were also developed.

Licensing & Business Establishment
Asia Strategy developed a Japan on-line market entry strategy for a leading US insurance provider. This work included analyzing trends, competition, and characteristics of Japanese on-line financial segments. The potential of each market was determined based on macroeconomic indicators, regulatory environment, format preferences, stage of media/telecommunications infrastructure development and competitive intensity. The client’s positioning in each market and strategies to achieve position in those markets were also developed.

Joint Venture Reassessment and Management
Assisted one of the world’s largest financial information distributors in an assessment of joint venture partner and business impact of regulatory changes regarding patent and trademark registration. Conducted extensive interviews with regulatory authorities and private sector participants. Project resulted in creation of new business partnership.

Investment Banking
For a major US investment bank, Mr. Henry developed a public policy advocacy plan that aligned the firm’s investment banking, fixed income, and real estate divisions into a unified public policy approach that protected the firm’s franchise in Japan. Client used plan to embark on long-term effort to strengthen its public policy assessment and advocacy capabilities.

Investment Banking
Four-year ongoing retainer engagement with a major US-based investment bank advising client on a variety of government and public sector issues. Identified key business opportunities to provide government related financial institutions advice that resulted in the investments bank’s involvement in several major transaction, including business with the Government Housing Loan Corporation, the world’s largest issuer of home mortgages. In addition, Mr. Henry represents the investment bank with key regulatory authorities, including the Ministry of Finance, the Financial Supervisory Agency, and the General Affairs Ministry, among others.

Internet Incubator Japan Feasibility Study
For a major Internet Incubator, Asia Strategy analyzed emerging trends Japan venture capital community targeted the Internet segment and the assessment of the Internet Incubation environment in general. From this study, an understanding of the best options available to Internet Incubation establishment was developed.

Senior Management Team Building
For a major multinational finance and manufacturing conglomerate, both Henry worked with a top decision-maker to understand cultural implications of strategy development and how this affected team motivation and performance. As a result, clear improvement in overall group cohesion could be soon over time.

Joint Venture Partner Assessment
Asia Strategy assisted a leading US-based high technology client in developing a strategy to overcome technology licensing conflicts with a Japanese OEM partner. Through extensive interviews, background and market research, an understanding of the OEM partner’s objectives was outlined. Asia Strategy’s advice included assisting the client in building its Japanese negotiating capabilities as well as undertaking an active role in the negotiations themselves. Recommendations were incorporated into the technology licensing planning processes of the client.

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